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Food Ingredients.
Trustable Food Product Development Partner
With almost 40 years in the food industry, we have accumulated hands on experience in assisting food manufacturers to develop their products. We can share best practice of applying food ingredient to achieve best result.
Reliable Source for Food Additives
All food additives supplied by SIE are from accredited food additive manufacturers who provide ingredients with consistent quality. Our customers can be sure that their final product will look/taste/feel like they expect in every batch.
Excellent Technical Support
We have developed long and strong relationship with top suppliers in every category. This enable us to support you with the most effective product usage and on time problem solving.
  • With various functions of food ingredient from multiple reliable suppliers, we can match your need.
  • With our extensive network of our suppliers, we were able to research and sourced it

      We are ready to be a part of your success.

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With our top quality products, reliable services, and deep technical knowledge,
we are proud to be part of the success of our respective food manufactures
in developing their food products
to have better taste, better look, and better texture.
Finished products of our expertise are beverages, dairy food, canned food, frozen food, bakeries, seasonings, cosmetics, and personal care.