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Sahasithi Import & Export (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in 1976 as an importer and supplier of food additives widely used in the food industry. With our long expertise in the food industry, we are committed to satisfying the demands of food producers today.
To achieve our commitment, we have laid emphasis on providing technical advice, seeking newly-developed food additives to fully meet consumer demands, as well as employing advanced systems and technologies to ensure strict quality control of products, effective warehousing management, and fast and efficient delivery services for our customers.

Our Strong Competitive Advantages

Long expertise in food additives products and the food industry
High capacity to reach production sources worldwide
Ability to quickly adopted to new trends.
Continuously adopted the latest technologies and innovations.

Our Clients

At present, we are serving manufacturers in the following industries:
• Bakery/ Snacks
• Beverages/Dairy products
• Frozen food/Canned food
• Pharmaceutical/Personal Care Products
• Processed Meat
• Seasoning
• Etc.


Sahasithi Import & Export (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has imported food additives from a number of producers certified to internationally-accepted manufacturing standards across the globe.



27 September 2023

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